The requirements and objectives of our customers are clearly defined before we start the creative process. This definition is the basis of a tailor-made design solution. After that, individual ideas are thoroughly analysed to see whether they meet the requirements in the fields of design, function and conspicuousness. The whole process reflects our way of working and our philosophy - we do not just offer classic design and standard solutions.


In order to fulfil this mission, the members of our design department use their collective experience and knowledge of the project to create the artwork. Sketches and mock-ups help us find the best design solution in a lively process that involves the customer. The creation of the artwork is at the core of our activities. During this phase, important questions such as function, material, durability and exact cost of the product are settled.


We use state-of-the-art technology to create our products. CAD/CAM and the respective modelling techniques give the original idea its final shape. At this stage, the projected design can be checked and necessary changes can be made. At the same time, we ensure that the legal conditions and industrial standards for the production, description and safety instructions of the product are met.


We want our customers to be in control of the creative process. During this phase, prototypes can be examined and used for marketing tests. The design is that of the final product; both production of individual items and serial production are possible. From this stage on, we concentrate on making sure that the production runs smoothly and that the quality standards are met.


At the end of the process is a unique design solution for our customer. If required, we also organise logistics, distribution and storage of the new product until it is delivered to the end-user. In addition, we can measure the success of our design solutions with state-of-the-art marketing instruments.


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